new: ReFS v1/v3 support
new: filtering Raw results by using cluster map
new: applying Raw results to FS data
new: support for VMDK disk image files
new: support fot EWF disk image files (e01/etc., Professional Edition only)
improved: cluster map support (diff. FS types / damaged FS / reports)
improved: more presize detection of RAID parameters, fixed offset detection
fixed: some HFS support critical bugs
fixed: extfs some rare parameters support
fixed: exFAT found directory fragments processing
fixed: bug loading copy sectors log after retrying reading bads from log
other improvements and fixes
Version (2018-08-03)
new: version for macOS
new: GUI version for Linux
improved: size detection of some Jpeg files (Raw search)
fixed: support for custom EOF signatures (Raw search)
other improvements and fixes

Version (2017-11-21)
new: Apple partitioning support (read-only)
new: HFS+/HFSX support including complex HFS search
new: popup hints
improved: detection of some file types (Raw search)
improved: custom file signature support (detection, complex signatures)
fixed: RAID-6 detection critical bug
other improvements and fixes

Version (2017-01-14)
new: tabbed interface to work with multiple devices and objects
new: custom file signatures support
new: detection of RAID parameters
new: support for VHD and VHDX dynamic disk image files
new: SMART report reading
new: NTFS encrypted file recovery (without decryption)
new: NTFS option: reading MFT from an external file
new: disk imaging option: splitted image creation
improved: exFAT boot sector recognition during fullscan
improved: improved NTFS reconstruction by processing INDX records
improved: better name recognition for some removed NTFS files
other improvements and fixes

Version (2016-06-22)
new: recovery of some truncated NTFS files
improved: file signatures and size detection
improved: branches separation of directory tree (NTFS and extfs)
fixed: NTFS search critical bug
fixed: storing/loading found signatures to/from log
fixed: RAID-5 forward dynamic parity: wrong striping
new: French, Italian, Spanish, Persian (+RTL UI) translation
other improvements and fixes

Version (2015-10-15)
new: Full Scan (multiple FS and Raw search, improved interface)
new: Raw file search by signatures
new: NTFS extended search (FS structures and file signatures based)
new: exFAT extended search (FS structures and file signatures based)
new: extfs extended search (FS structures based)
new: extfs removed entries processing
new: FAT32 removed file recovery using signatures
other improvements and fixes
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