PCHunter 2020-07-30 V1.57

1. Support Win10(Bulid:18362/18363) ---->Win10(Version:1903/1909)
2 .Add "process creation time" and "process parameter" functions to the process list.
3. Strengthen stability.
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Реакции: akok
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2019-01-31 V1.56:
*Support Win10(BuildNumber:17763)
Добавили поддержку Windows 10 (10.0.17134.1 версия 1803).
*Support Win10(BuildNumber:16299)
*Fixed a bug in x64 Win7 system which be patched for Meltdown&Spectre.
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Реакции: akok
2017-08-06 V1.52:
*Support Win10(BuildNumber:15063)
1. Support Win10 (14393).
2. Increase the "disable load driver" function on X64.
3. From this version Free Edition began to remove the 2000, 2003, Vista system support.
*Support Win10(BuildNumber:10586)
*Support Win10(BuildNumber:10240)
2014-10-22 V1.35:
*Fixed a bug in x86 Win8.1 system.

2014-10-06 V1.34:
*Added disable CreateProcess/CreateThread/CreateFile/RegCreateKey/RegSetValueEx feature for x64 system
*Fixed several bugs.

2014-07-02 V1.33:
*Support Win8.1 Update1
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