FileTypesMan 1.95

Version 1.95:
Added 'Copy Selected Actions' and 'Paste Actions' options, which allows you to copy one or more actions into the clipboard and then paste them into another file type / extension.
Fixed bug: When a file extension had a 'User Choice' entry that cannot be accessed , FileTypesMan displayed and edited the actions of the file type, instead of displaying 'Access Denied' error message.
Version 1.90:
Added 'Run As TrustedInstaller' option (Under the Help menu). You can use this feature to view and modify file types that their owner is TrustedInstaller, like the Windows Media Player menu items of .mp3 file extension. (If you try to modify TrustedInstaller entries without running FileTypesMan as TrustedInstaller, you'll get the 'Access is denied' error message. )
Added 'Registry Key Owner' column for both upper pane and lower pane. When the Registry Key Owner on the lower pane is 'NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller' , you have to run FileTypesMan as TrustedInstaller in order to modify the file type action. Otherwise, you'll get 'Access is denied' error message.
Version 1.86:
You can now use the combination of /SelectedExt command and the save command-line options (/scomma, /shtml, and so on...) to export from command-line the actions of specified file extension.
For example, in order to export to csv file all actions of .txt extension:
FileTypesMan.exe /SelectedExt .txt /scomma "c:\temp\txtext.csv"
You can now send the file types information to stdout by specifying an empty filename ("") in the save command-line options. (For example: FileTypesMan.exe /scomma "" | more)
Version 1.85:
Added 'Icon' column to the lower pane.
Added Icon field to the 'Edit Action' window.
Version 1.83:
When you run FileTypesMan, it now automatically selects the last selected extension.
Added /SelectedExt command-line option for selecting the desired extension in the upper pane, for example:
FileTypesMan.exe /SelectedExt ".txt"
* Version 1.82:
o Added 'Icon Handler CLSID' column. When a file type has an icon
handler, the icon handler set the actual icon that will be displayed
for the file, instead of the 'Default Icon' value.
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